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Pacific Batting Lanes Cricket Academy!

Updated: Mar 25

Unveiling the Innovative Hybrid Model at PBL Cricket Academy

Cricket Enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to share exciting news about the progressive strides being taken at PBL Cricket Academy. Following our recent announcement to operate PBL in new model as a cricket academy with existing PBL players who have been with us for last many years & some talented new members, we are delighted to introduce our cutting-edge coaching programs, employing a unique hybrid model that merges three fundamental elements to elevate the cricketing experience for players of all levels.

1) Professional Coaching by Coaches:

A tailored and effective training experience for every individual. At PBL Cricket Academy, we place a strong emphasis on holistic development, incorporating fitness, mental conditioning, and a meticulously crafted curriculum. Each week, coaches publish a detailed plan, and regular meetings with parents ensure everyone is an integral part of our thriving community. We've published our academy calendar upfront, providing transparency and allowing players and parents to plan their cricketing journey well in advance.

2) Volunteer Coach-Driven Classes:

Our dedicated team of volunteer coaches, including myself [ICC level 1 foundation, ACF level 1, and 5+ years of volunteer coach at various academies] , boasts extensive experience in coaching youth cricketers, running teams, and a strong commitment to player development. These coaches will lead classes implementing structured routines that focus on repetitions, additional training, fitness, and team bonding. Our collective goal is to create a supportive environment that fosters skill enhancement and personal growth.

3) Personal Training Time for You:

As a testament to our commitment to individualized development, PBL Cricket Academy is pleased to provide batting cage hours each month to all academy players. Parents are not just welcome; they are encouraged to actively participate in their child's training sessions. Coaches will be present to guide and assist, fostering a collaborative approach to the learning process. We believe in the importance of parental involvement in tracking and celebrating the progress and growth of their budding cricketers.

Fee Structure & benefits:-

$99 registration one time fee

Quarterly payments model

Zelle to PBL based on your payment due date [as start dates vary]

Half Yearly discount - 5%

Yearly disocunt - 10%

Sibling Discount 5% [2.5% per sibling]

Girls Discount - 40% for A1, 20% for A2 and 10% for A3

Trial Class



A3 - Beginners


2 times a week

$45 worth 1 batting cage hour time free at PBL

Logical Fee: $199-$45 = $154/month

A2 - U11 & U13 [Skill based]


3 times a week

$90 worth 2 batting cage hour time free at PBL

Logical Fee:$299-$90 = $209 /month

A1 - U13 & U15+ [Skill based]


4 times a week

$135 worth 3 batting cage hour time free at PBL

Logical Fee:$399-$135 = $264 /month

Join us at PBL Cricket Academy, where innovation meets tradition, and every player is celebrated on their unique path to cricketing excellence.

In conclusion, PBL Cricket Academy is not just a place to play cricket; it's a community committed to your growth and success on the field. With the dynamic blend of professional coaching by Coach Ian, volunteer-driven classes, and personalized training opportunities, we are paving the way for a cricketing experience like never before.

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