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PBL Cricket Calendar 2024

Welcome to the action-packed calendar of 2024 at PBL Cricket Academy! As we kick off January with structured indoor training and the launch of an intensified hybrid curriculum, the year unfolds with a series of exciting activities. February sees the formation of teams, player role definitions, and continuous training, including an indoor tape ball league for beginners. PBL Recharge Day offers a delightful break in February, bringing the community together for recognitions, celebrations, and a fun parents vs. kids tape tennis ball game. The excitement continues with a mid-winter break cricket camp, practice games, and high-performance camps in March, leading up to competitive leagues and USA Cricket Youth Pathways in April. The journey extends through summer camps, games, and indoor training from May to October, with a thrilling series in Los Angeles for U11-15 teams in November. As we wrap up the year in December with continued indoor training and another PBL Recharge Day, our commitment to holistic development and cricketing excellence remains unwavering. Get ready for a year filled with passion, growth, and cricketing milestones!

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